The Intuition Wizard

Because what matters is the journey

Tarot, Lenormand, Reiki, and more.
A journey of understanding, compassion and self discovery.

Hello there! My name is Mayra, but you can call me May. I’m a geeky Brazilian who lives in the UK and is absolutely in love with Tarot.

I’ve been studying Tarot since 2020 and can’t seem to stop looking for new ways to learn more about it. Recently I’ve been also delving into Lenormand, which showed me a completely different way to look at readings.

Tarot for me is a tool that helps us understand ourselves, our present situation and how things are likely to progress as they are now. I don’t see tarot as something “supernatural”, Tarot for me is all about collective symbolism and discovering more about ourselves. I don’t have any religious connections and don’t believe any is required for a successful reading.

Not all those who wander are lost.